One of my favorite jobs this year.  This darling 90-year-old client was downsizing from her 3600 square foot home into a retirement center apartment of approximately 800 square feet.  Her daughters lived out of town and I was hired to help figure out both what furniture she should take to the new place and how best to personalize her new apartment.  We took an inventory of her favorite pieces and figured out how to make them work in such a small space.  It was a process of prioritization over lunches and trips to the new apartment and I looked forward to every moment we spent together. 

My client was not afraid of color or pattern and she had such a great sense of style that we were able to take a somewhat institutional environment and make it sing with accent paint and new draperies and bedding. The only furniture item purchased was a headboard to accommodate a smaller mattress. My favorite touch was locating the painting of her mother (who died when my client was just 21) above her bedside table which she has a clear line of sight to every time she moves through her apartment.

The Group: Sullivan Cabinets, Endisco Supply, The Beehive, Fabricut, Chavez Construction